The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature

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I am elated to have Kristine Ong Muslim on board to write the introduction. Her work is of paramount interest to me, as her stories and poetry are profoundly disturbing, beautiful, and revelatory. Muslim writes in that liminal realm where genre or style specifications like science-fiction, horror, or magical realism are inadequate to describe the wanton imagination and wonder her stories evoke. Muslim is one of the most important writers around. 

With The Immeasurable Corpse of Nature I continue to explore philosophy and science as it relates to weird/horror and our comprehension of Nature. But this collection is a bit more theme specific than my debut, as here I examine various notions of sorrow and loss as transformative energies, something that may influence the universe as substantially as the fundamental interactions of gravitational, electromagnetic, and strong or weak forces. I’m relieved that my publisher Jon Padgett was enthusiastic about using Käthe Kollwitz’s art, as her depictions of sorrow and suffering were profoundly influential when writing these stories. And many thanks to Vergvoktre for his lonely, overwhelming art. I’ve been beyond fortunate in working with writers (and a publisher) as phenomenal as Jon Padgett and Kristine Ong Muslim, as well as artists as evocative as Vergvoktre. Thank you all!

Let’s tear down this edifice of a universe and build something new…


Author: Christopher Slatsky
Introduction by Kristine Ong Muslim
Cover Artist: Vergvoktre
Interior Illustrations: Käthe Kollwitz
Publication Date: January 28, 2020
Published by Grimscribe Press