IMG_3061The year started with three chapbooks from Dunhams Manor Press: “This Fragmented Body”, “Alectryomancer”, and “A Plague of Naked Movie Stars”. Thank you for seeing something in these Jordan Krall.

In March, my story “Film Maudit” appeared in Scott R. Jones’ RESONATOR: LOVECRAFTIAN TALES FROM BEYOND. Thank you Skawt Chonzz. And my first story to appear in a book with a Nick Gucker cover!

Thanks to Justin Steele for his positive reviews of my chapbooks “Alectryomancer” (“This strange tale is a surreal, sci-fi masterpiece”), “No One is Sleeping in This World” (“A wonderful story”), and “This Fragmented Body” (“Slatsky builds dread from page one, and is not shy about amping up the weird”) in March’s Arkham Digest. Still reeling from this. It helped set the tone for the rest of the year.

In June, my story “Professor Cognoscente’s Caliginous Charms Carnival” appeared in XNOYBIS issue #1. More thanks to Jordan Krall. Dig that Philip LoPresti cover as well.

I’m not an author publishers contact for solicitations, so it was a pleasure to receive an invite in 2015. No idea if my weird horror Western has legs, but even if I don’t end up on the TOC it was a joy to be given the chance. I think the antho’ is a secret work in progress, so I won’t say any titles. Thank you Kurt Fawver and Joe Zanetti.

My story “Eternity Lie in its Radius” was accepted in late November and will appear next year in Max Booth and Lori Michelle’s LOST SIGNALS. Thank you so much. Looking forward to it. A Mathew Revert cover to boot!

And while I am not one to vaguebook, I must until a certain editor announces it. I managed an acceptance this month from ______ ______ for _______ _____. I’ve wanted something under this particular editor’s banner for awhile. Very excited to see what sort of response this one will garner in 2016.

My debut collection ALECTRYOMANCER AND OTHER WEIRD TALES was released in July. It hasn’t been widely read, and I’m not going to set the publishing world ablaze, but I’m still proud of this accomplishment. I’m more than pleased to have received such a great response from some authors who are not only some of my favorite writers working today, but more importantly, really good folks. Thank you all.

An enormous thank you to S.P. Miskowski and John Claude Smith. That such renowned authors took the time to say kinds things about my collection and shared my book on Facebook and Twitter is beyond gratifying. Effusive thanks to Clint Smith who shared some flattering things about my work and gave a shoutout on THE OUTER DARK. Drinks and King Diamond. It’s a deal.

And since I’m on the subject of authors at the top of their game, one more thank you to Kurt Fawver. Thrilled to have made his 2015 list. Thanks to The Horror Review for including my book amongst such admirable company. Thank you to Paula McAuliffe, C.M. Muller, Anya Martin, Jon Padgett, Erik Merkosh, Christopher Ropes, Rodney Gardner, David Bridges, T.E. Grau, Jonathon Raab, Matthew Bartlett, Nick Cato, Philip Fracassi, Acep Hale, and Scott Dwyer. If you don’t know why some stranger tagged you online it’s because some of you are redefining what horror fiction means, shared my collection online and/or blog reviews about my work, or shared their encouragement in general. Some did all of the above.

And more thanks to Joe Zanetti. His contributions to celebrating and spreading the word of weird horror lit’ has been above and beyond. His reviews are an absolute pleasure to read, and I’m very lucky to have had several of my stories subjected to his gaze (the latest of which appears in XNOYBIS issue #2, which includes a look at my fiction to date). An excellent writer whose insight is highly valued.

I’m not that tuned in to any kind of horror community, so I’m sure I’ve missed many that deserve a tip of the hat. Suffice it to say if I’ve communicated with you on a personal level, and you’ve responded, you have my gratitude.

So many authors have mentioned that they’ve a dozen or more stories, or full collections, slated to appear next year, so I feel wholly deficient in my output. I only have a couple scheduled to appear in 2016, but I hope they’re well received.

And of course, thanks to Annie, Roman and August. You know why.