“Eternity Lie in Its Radius”— Lost Signals anthology (ed., Max Booth III and Lori Michelle): June release date.

“Phantom Airfields”— Nightscript vol. 2 (ed., C.M. Muller): October release date.

“Loveliness Like a Shadow”— The Year’s Best Weird Fiction volume 3 (ed., Simon Strantzas and Michael Kelly): October release date.

“The Carcass of the Lion”—Darker Companions (ed., Joe Pulver and Scott David Aniolowski): release date at the end of 2016.

“Devil Gonna Catch You in the Corners”— Strange Aeons Magazine (ed., Justin Steele): release date unspecified.

“Justo’s Mummy Magic Capac Cuna Medicine Company”—Monsters, Rebuilt (ed., Kurt Fawver and Joe Zanetti): release date unspecified.

“Project AZAZEL”—Summer of Lovecraft (ed., Brian Sammons and Glynn Owen Barrass): release date unspecified.

An untitled project for Dunhams Manor Press: release date unspecified.