As far as stories go, 2016 wasn’t my most productive year, but what it lacked in quantity it managed to more than surpass in quality publications. Alectryomancer and Other Weird Tales didn’t win any awards or garner widespread attention over the year, but it’s the avant-garde cult oddity that continues to challenge readers and draw in more of an audience 16-months in. But my story “Loveliness Like a Shadow” managed to make it into Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol. 3, so I consider that a gleaming trophy of an accomplishment. I am so very grateful to Simon Strantzas and Michael Kelly for the opportunity. It’s no secret I think Strantzas is one of the most important voices in horror fiction today, and while Kelly’s Undertow Publications is leagues ahead of other publishers, Kelly himself is also a vastly underrated author. Far too much talent up there in Canada these days.

Speaking of my collection, Justine Steele‘s positive review of it popped up on episode #28 of Scott Nicolay‘s Outer Dark podcast back on the 21st of January. The episode is not currently available, but I believe it will eventually be archived at This is Horror. If not, it was nice to hear the book spoken about favorably from Mr. Steele. Greatly appreciated.

The incomparable Des Lewis included Alectryomancer and Other Weird Tales in his Gestalt Real-Time Reviews. What an absolute honor and thrill. Better yet, he liked it! “Why have not got to this author before now? Now he’s got to me,” has to be one of my favorite quotes. Thank you Des.

Reviews for my collection were posted at Ginger Nuts of Horror, the Lovecraft eZine, and Southern Nights. I was also interviewed at the Lovecraft eZine (thank you Acep!), and contributed to the “What Does ‘Cosmic Horror’ Mean? Five Horror Writers Weigh In”. And of course several reviews this year at the usual places like Goodreads and Amazon. Thank you all.

“Phantom Airfields” appeared in Nightscript vol. 2 back in October. I’m a big C.M. Muller admirer–both his writing and publishing skills are exemplary. It was an absolute joy to be in this one with such an array of talented authors.

My story “Devil Gonna Catch You in the Corners” appeared in Strange Aeons Magazine, issue #20. It’s my tip of the hat to New England and the Pacific Northwest, the fiction of Jon Padgett, Daniel Mills, and Matthew Bartlett. I hope they’re not offended. I’m not sure how much of a readership it attracted, but I rather enjoyed writing it and hope to visit Oregon and its environs circa 18__ again. Thank you Kelly Young and Justin Steele!

And my story “Eternity Lie in its Radius” made it into the Lost Signals anthology last July. My contribution didn’t make a big splash, but it was a pleasure to be involved with Max Booth III and Lorie Michelle’s Perpetual Motion Machine publishing. Thank you both.

And in conclusion, thank you to everyone who read, commented, and offered support this year. Further thanks to those who continue to write their own wonderful, strange and captivating stories. I look forward to reading more of what you have to offer.