Very happy to say that my story “The Anthroparian Integration Technique” will appear in Joe Pulver’s Walk on the Weird Side anthology. Nick Gucker has provided a fantastic cover, and this is a list of the authors known to be involved at this point, though more may follow:

Nadia Bulkin, S.P. Miskowski, Kristi DeMeester, Matthew M. Bartlett, Ann K. Schwader,Mike Griffin, Craig L. Gidney, Farah R Smith, Peter Rawlik, Ashley Dioses, Nathan Carson, Jon Padgett, Rebecca J. Allred, Starry Wizdom, Rhys Hughes, John Claude Smith, Michael Wehunt, AnnaTambour, Christopher Slatsky, Scott Thomas, Tom Lynch, Cody Goodfellow, Robert Levy, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Philip Fracassi, and Maura McHugh.