Chthonic: Weird Tales of Inner Earth is now available. Scott R. Jones always does a magnificent job in corralling a stampede of unruly stories into anthologies with a variety of voices. And Jones is not only a fantastic writer, he’s also a pleasure to work with.

Denizens of dank cenotes, the motto “Non gratum anus rodentum” engraved on a Zippo lighter hinting at ominous stirrings underfoot, and strange childhood memories on an isolated farm feature in my story “Tellurian Facade”. If that’s your thing, it might be of interest. Regardless, this is only my second reprint (the first was in another Martian Migraine Press publication), so I’m thrilled to have been included with some authors who have been a tremendous inspiration to me, as well as more recent ones I’m always interested in checking out. It’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll find much to your liking here.

TOC is as follows:

H. P. Lovecraft
The Rats in the Walls

John Linwood Grant
Where All Is Night, and Starless

Aaron Besson
A Song for Granite Khronos

Gemma Files
The Harrow

Scott Shank
Nivel del Mar

Nadia Bulkin

Christopher Slatsky
Tellurian Facade

Adam McOmber
The Re’em

Antony Mann

S. L. Edwards
Volver Al Monte

Tom Lynch
The Writhe

Belinda Lewis
The Dragons Beneath

Sarah Peploe

Adam Millard
Tending the Core

Orrin Grey
Hollow Earths

Ramsey Campbell
The End of a Summer’s Day

David Stevens
Some Corner of a Dorset Field That Is Forever Arabia