As 2018 lets loose its death rattle, I’ve compiled a brief list of what I’ve accomplished on the publishing front. A quiet year, and a rough one at that: on the job front, on the writing front, politically, economically, etc., etc. Hopefully this decline will level out soon. No stories due out before the end of the year, and only a handful of publications over the last 10-months.

“Affirmation of the Spirit: Consciousness, Transformation, and the Fourth World in Film” appeared in issue #1 of Vastarien.

My flash piece “They Delight in Extinction” took root in Forbidden Futures #2.

“Alectryomancer” was translated into German for NightTrain: Next Weird.

A brief essay titled “The Numinous in God, Nature, and Horror” was posted at The Plutonian.

No author events or conventions in 2018, which is to say, I continue to avoid them. I’ve never done a podcast, so this year was true to that pattern. No interviews this year either.

I think that’s it.