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  1. Hello Slatsky of the Lidless Sky!

    I just read your June 2017 statements. I read them by accident for I was hunting for information on the possibility of second collection of short stories. Me. I am nobody. But I have the street creds when it comes to dark fantasy literature. One earns personal accolade if one wants them after two scores delving into the ancient past, and keeping abreast of whispered names.

    Alectryomancer has few rivals. No name dropping, but you’ve got the goods.

    In the year 1999 do you know how many books were published in the United States? Over 300,000. That was before the world population went up a billion and e-publishing. The dark fantasy weird revival was a rumble of thunder over the horizon.

    The chance that your name has been heard by anyone and that anyone cares enough to write you to honor all your years of work is way above the odds. The style of your writing, and the nature of the material will only appeal to a small numbers. Lovecraft died penniless, and Poe not much better. Leiber is largely forgotten. Hodgson who? Your alive and known. Maybe, only by a few, but known. If your goal is fame you’re looking into the abyss. Don’t look for praise from those you admire. Certainly, don’t write for fortune. Write to be you.

    Ignore all I have written if you choose. I’ll still seek out your writings.



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